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    This is an album showcase of many of the needle felted wool portraits I have made this year. You can find them in my shop at
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October 05, 2008



Amelia, your art is so amazing!
I would buy a felted dog replica if I could afford it! Do you knit them or crochet them? You are really talented.
Just wanted to show some love.

Renee Fischer

I love your felted needle creations and your art drawings of you subjects. Cool!!




Can you please respond to me about my felt dog sculpture that was suppose to be completed 2 and a half weeks ago? I gave you my money 3 and a half months ago and don't know why I haven't heard from you. I have tried emailing you and calling you several times and am not sure if you are avoiding me, but I see that you have time to keep up on blogging. I am getting very worried and frustrated as I see that you have an F rating with the BBB.

Please contact me ASAP

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