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September 29, 2008


Kurt Schroeder

I am so glad you are OK! What a terrible thing to have happen. When I was young a friend of mine had his house burn in an electrical fire. It really scared him because 1) He was very young; and 2) The fire was coming out of every electrical outlet in the place! (So I was told.) Yikes!!!

Renee Fischer

I feel for you I had my house on fire once from a neighbors wood stove that the attick caught fire and themn the house then it caught our house on the side the neighbors house was burning down. They stopped ours and then we had to move out of our rented home for the owner to make repairs.. I am glad it did not start by us nor was it a owned home.

I had my son and could not find my cat at the time and I kept asking the fire men where was sabrina? and they thought I had a child in the house also my husband speeded all the way home with a police man on his tail and Edwin told him his wife only could say where is sabrina? and he did not know if our son was safe or not. I was holding him the whole time. I guess I was sure muddled headed. I love my animals. I am glad you all were safe and your pets too.


kathy weller

Oh my gosh -- I feel for you -- this is a big fear of mine, too -- we have little extinguishers stashed around the apartment, just as a safety precaution. It's a terrifying thought. I am SO GLAD you were all alright!!

pressure washer hose

Just finish reading your post and I'm scared what happened to your house.

Angelo H

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