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    This is an album showcase of many of the needle felted wool portraits I have made this year. You can find them in my shop at
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July 13, 2008



What a fantastic face Hazel has. I understand your feelings about her as I feel the same way about my 8 year old pup. I just hope my girl will stay with me as long as yours has. Hazel looks like a very happy girl. Please give her a scritch from an unknown fan in Kansas.

Renee Fischer

I feel for you and empathyse to because of my 15 year old persian calico Jasmine.. who is my soul sister in every way to do with my heart and she feels me my ups and downs my hurts and my happyness. I know you know what I am saying. I wish in the future to be able to afford to purchace your creation of my Jasmine. Right now I am doing portraits on the internet and hope to save for a cat done by you. You have a wonderful talent that I personally admire. Your dogs are great too and I would in time want one done in my Keena girl she is a pit bull mix and my dear love too. I love your site here and you can see my site if you join yahoo 360, it is the site I have on here also I am known to you on Flikr as Renkins, you see my doll/animal creations and my family of cats and also my drawings. I like you a lot.

contact me by email if you wish. I would love to be friends.

Hugs always~

Ps- put in the subject; *Wool needle felted cats* so I know who you are.. :-)

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