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June 12, 2008



Wow thats amazing! But you deserve it!


Too cool! This was in the New York Daily News gossip column this week as a result of the feature in In Touch:

This week we learned...

... that while the ladies of "The Hills" were slaving away at their fake jobs, Oregon-based artist Amelia Santiago started a business creating miniature stuffed animals that look exactly like people's real-life pets. The doggie doppelgängers go for $145, but seeing Sparky chew off his own head in miniature - that's priceless.


I saw this article in In Touch magazine and ordered a "Mini-Me" of our Norfolk terrier, Mollie. Amelia has just e-mailed me the pictures of the finished product and I can't say enough good things! The likeness is absolutely adorable!!! Amelia is a gifted artist who deserves every bit of fame she receives from this article.



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